Getting the most from (insert name of platform here)


If you aren't using SharePoint, just ignore the fact that Sam Marshall's presentation is about SharePoint adoption:

Getting the most from share point congressp keynote sam marshall clearbox d from Sam Marshall

This presentation really talks to any platform, although SharePoint may have a particular problem with an imbalance between the level of resource invested into technical deployment verses the 'soft' aspects, like people, process and content.

Of course, this same imbalance was recognised with Lotus Notes - I can't remember the exact quote, but the recommended ratio between money spent on Lotus Notes itself and supporting adoption was always weighted towards to the people too.

And a 'social' solution isn't a short cut to success either, except in a few limited exceptions.

Bottom line: I don't care what tool you use, stop skimping on your investment in the people who will be using it.

Hat tip Samuel.