Atos says they are winning the war on email, using Bluekiwi


Back in 2011 lots of people were skeptical about Atos CEO, Thierry Breton, and his war on email.

However, the Financial Times reports that Atos are making progress:

"Almost two years on, zero email has not only begun to take hold within Atos, but the initiative has attracted interest from a growing number of business leaders."

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Atos hope to be email-free internally by the end of 2013 and may start to target other issues, like unproductive meetings and the mis-use of PowerPoint.

Atos have been gradually removing their reliance on email internally, focusing more broadly on enabling individual performance and picking technologies that support that goal. Naturally, enterprise social software is part of that equation:

"'The way we work is changing – and so are the tools available for us to carry out that work,' says Mr Timmins [Senior VP at Atos]. 'Enterprise social networks and software are a far better way of encouraging collaboration and releasing valuable information from individual inboxes.'"

Their enterprise social network is their own Bluekiwi platform.

I'm also reminded of the 70-20-10 workplace learning model, with Atos describing the typical working day of an Atos employee as being "divided between training, working creatively and collaboratively."

Hat tip Paul Wallbank.