Are we short changing social intranet implementations?


Presenting at the European Enterprise 2.0 Summit, Jane McConnell talked about five reasons why social intranets have not taken off and what to do about it based on data from her Digital Workplace Trends report:

Social Intranet (R)evolution at Enterprise 2.0 Summit from Jane McConnell

One of the interesting points for me is the issue of 'Fragmented digital environments'. As Jane points out, the intranet is currently owned by corporate communications (although in that case, I'd debate that it also includes enterprise applications) - this intranet is intended to be authoritative and stable. Jane perceives this intranet to be separate from both the structured project collaboration and social collaboration systems that may also exist. (Of course, intranets weren't always like this.)

I've seen the full Digital Workplace Trends report and this fragmentation appears to be reflected in her Digital Workplace Trends data - adoption, usage and satisfaction of enterprise social networks is reported to be low.

Of course this data has to be considered in context:

However, I think Jane's overall analysis stands:

Ultimately you get back what you put in. Perhaps the question should be, are we short changing social intranet implementations?