Senubo - heavy industry software influenced by social software


While you may already be familiar with some of the leading enterprise microblogging platforms (e.g. Yammer), none of these have a particular industry or process focus. Senubo on the other hand is "an online, mobile communications platform for heavy industry."

Senubo have created some storyboards to help illustrate a couple of industrial use cases:

Capturing & Recording HSEQ Observations

Recording Piling Production directly from sites

To see what Senubo looks like, watch this video from about the 1m 12s mark.

I'm actually reminded slightly of the KPI reporting features in National Field. However, Senubo are clearly designing a solution specific to both the business processes and work practices of an industrial site.

I'm really excited to see examples of enterprise social software being applied outside of the typical knowledge worker scenarios, e.g. white collar consultants. But is there room for industry specific solutions? Yes, I think there is, particularly when they are tied to key business processes as Senubo does.

However, as these examples show you may also be able to use a generic solution to solve information or knowledge sharing needs on the shop floor too:

Are you using or have you tried Senubo? I would love to hear more about your experiences.

Hat tip to John.